Friday, September 21, 2012

fruit high

1 mango
1 kiwi
3 nanners
8 medjool dates
and water
i am on a frozen fruit icecream kick. i am eating more fruit than i have ever before in my life, making up for lost time when i was eating raw and believed that too much fruit would cause cancer in my body or at least not be ideal for me, my teeth, my brain - but it's all flipped around now, and i'm going crazy, loving the sugar and going full blast into it! It's much cheaper than when I was buying nama shoyu, olive oil, nuts, nut butters, cacao powder, maca powder, spirulina, or prepared raw treats. This is the way to eat I was looking for and have found. Tons of fruit, no remorse, simple salads, no salt or oil (or not much) a lot less nuts, no more expensive nut butters or oils, no "super foods" i got cuz they were mega hyped and i caved, no fancy prepared raw treats and no caffeine at all!  Chocolate was something I ate every single day since the beginning of the raw adventure.  It feels great to refine it (ha ha or unrefine it, eating straight up whole foods), make it cheaper and make it more accessible - cuz getting used to eating shittons of fruit, it becomes meals, and makes finding "just" fruit, from before, to "yeah! i found fruit!"  Of course sometimes it's not ripe, but that's where dates, apples, lettuce comes in, among other foods that are always available and instantly edible.
I love this, it's what I was looking for!