Sunday, April 7, 2013

we got that magic nobody can touch

it's back with a vengeance.  so much raw food information, and it's overwhelming.  but i'm ready to take all the info i've absorbed and attack raw foods in a low fat high fruit non restrictive way.  I wanna stay super in touch with what feels good in my body and not analyze it too much.  I also do not want to "attack raw foods" in the sense where I'm super stoked about what I'm eating to the degree that I create an identity thru it where I am some raw food superhero.  And I don't mean a superhero in a compartive way of me being a saviour (ha ha ) to others or better than anyone.  I have too often defined myself as a "raw foodist" consciously or not, and have thought about food too much.  Now I want to eat what's best for me and get the fffff on with my life, ya know?

Start NOW.