Monday, January 17, 2011

Raw Food Craze!!!

The oldest way of eating is buzzing here in Muskegon, and in Michigan out east, and who knows where else!? A few of my friends have been eating raw for a week or so now, and they are noticing increased energy, weight loss, and general feelings of vitality and wellness. A friend of mine lost 11 lbs in his first 3 days, and he is feeling really great! They come in to the Health Hutt almost daily to pick up pizza, taco salad, collard veggie wraps w/cashew cheez, cheezcake, chocolate smoothies, brownies and fudge, chocolate chip cookies, tacos and burritos and zuke pasta dishes. Everything here is made and packaged, ready to eat. I am brainstorming a menu to be able to order from and am a bit intimidated, but need to suck it up, and start the outline of it. What do you think? Should I just get SOMETHING up on the wall, with a few things made to order and build from there? That is my direction I am leaning in. In my experiences in the past, action is better than nothing. Almost every time! I have waited and worried so many times, I am nearly sick of the thought of more of it. And I get stuck in it all the time. It seems better just to take that first step and soon the illusion of difficulty is exposed for what it is; illusion and source of unnecessary stress! Sometimes the thought seems like too much work, and I start to think my efforts won't prove to produce a worthy product. This is silly thinking, and I am writing right now to clear this up, motivated myself and blast off into production.
Raw food is an old "diet" and it is pure energy, vitality and care for your body! An incredible gift to your life and source of crazy magical powers! Ha ha! I want to spread this amazingly simple way of eating around and surprise people with just how good you can feel! I was surprised, and I see others experience this sustainable new high. I want to make raw food accessible and available and not a super expensive, ritzy, yuppie way of eating. This is true healing, liberation and reclamation of our lives! Let's go!


  1. I am curious about a raw foods diet, but not sure where to start. Does it literally mean eating only uncooked food? Hard to imagine giving up my beloved hot lunches...

  2. Hey! I am sorry I have never commented back, I didn't realize anyone had ever read this! Ha! Well, if you read this, I am very excited that you have taken interst in raw foods and this little blog about it! A "raw food diet" to me is not any rigid set of rules, but I suppose just the initiative to enter in large amounts of raw foods into your diet. For me, 100% raw foods is the best thing, and when I stray I feel the burn!
    It's pretty scary and unnecessary to imagine one's self changing so many habits, but it's much easier to just take things step by step. Example; replace your breakfast with a raw fruit/greens smoothie or something like that, and eat your other meals as normal. Or add in a big salad at your evening meal. Or snacking on fruit instead of chips or whatever. These are just examples, and I am of the opinion that adding in any amounts of raw, whole, preferably organic, (but not necessary at least right away) foods is awesome! And lastly, raw food has warmed me up like crazy! My circulation has dramatically improved and it is noticeable! So that not eating hot foods and thus being cold idea proved very untrue for me, and I do not miss the way I used to feel in the winter! Does thi help at all!?