Saturday, April 14, 2012


With constant analyzation, worry, and comparison dominating thoughts for years, now is the time to ease up. Relax into nutrition. The worry of if there are enough greens in a visibly green smoothie has happened many times, and once is too many. There is not enough celebration and too much speculation into the good things that are being consumed. It seems like just realizing and thinking about what amazing things are entering into your body is a good practice. The recognition of abundance instead of lack seems to just pave the way for more good things to come along. I've experienced both ends of this idea, and it seems to simple to be true, and it takes some de-conditioning and un-learning what we've been taught, but our lives and vitality are worth it. They are definitely worth it. Right now, almost 2 cups of spinach, peaches, mangoes, dates, spirulina, almond butter, and maca are entering into my blood stream and disgestive tract, fueling my body and blasting me ahead to go clean up my house, ride my bike, walk Suzzanna and work on the garden. Then I'll line up what's gonna next go in my tummy and realize how awesome all the nutrition is within the food and gratefully consume it. It's a bummer that so much hokey new-age talk has perveted the idea of being grateful, and i won't let that happen in my life. Like Good Charlotte or an age-exclusive bar claiming to be punk; it's not legit. Don't let imposters co-opt and steal a pure, good thing. You know what it really is about, for sure hear others out, but don't subscribe to their ideas as dogma or even the preferred way to view an idea. Don't let them steal someting good away. Know and realize where someting comes from, not how distorted it may have become. Be grateful, be stoked, and let's make up our own minds!

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