Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No More Exercise!!!

Krap. Krapola. Shit! How simple! You gotta move around a little bit until you sweat!
I do.
I have not been sleeping good and I knew it was because of lack of physical activity. Me and my bud went for a good run up to the Meijers, filling up a gallon of water and running with it back in left hand and to home. Then we did this crazy ab workout that felt like I had been punched a zillion times in the stomach. I slept great, woke up easier than usual and felt really light and bouncy all day! This feeling was the constant feeling of my first 6 months or so of eating raw foods exclusively and then I saw it downgrade into a slightly heavier feeling, probably the same or maybe better (it's so hard to pinpoint) then how I felt in the recent years. The raw high lasted probably 6 months with no bad days, and high octane pure energy and light-as-a-feather bounciness being my constant situation. Hell yes! So I fretted when I felt it slipping away, then I got back into doing "exercise" (hate that word) and started feeling great again, sleeping only 5 hours and feeling fantastic, and then I didn't realize the constant process that it is (and how that should be a FUN process; hence the "No More Exercise!"). Denial that this is a work in progress was what was at play, but there's nothing that needs to be denied, as far as some kind of strict, boring exercise regiment that you hate. That sucks and who wants to do that? Life should be great every day, all the time, and you should do things you want to do! I suppose the word "strict" is one I threw in there as a negative thing, but I should have used a different word, because discipline and strictness can bring forth a lot of joy and satisfying results, in the near and distant future, and immediately! But making your "workouts" (still looking for a better word for that and for "exercise".) totally enjoyable should be the goal, they should be FUN!
That's not hard, it just takes some creativity and planning maybe a bit. Totally worth it! A buddy helps, too! Thanks, Steve!

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