Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laugh at yourself!

It is so simple, so powerful, the power of raw foods. My experiments with cooked food after 100% raw for a year and a half have proved unsatisfying to my palate, body, and self. The minerals and nutrients in whole, organic, undamaged foods seem to be sorely missed upon consumption of a cooked meal. Granted, I have not partaken into the healthiest cooked foods like quinoa, steamed veggies, or brown rice, and I think that may very well settle better. My cooked food experiences were going out to eat for burritos, stir-fry, desserts, pizza. These things were incredibly dense and difficult to digest and left me eating more and more, hungry for something I wasn't getting, which very well may have been the nutrients that were void from these cooked foods. It was fun eating them for a few minutes, but the short period of fun is pale in comparison to long standing vitality, wellness, and optimal energy from eating raw foods! Not to mention that eating raw foods is mega fun to prepare, observe, and eat! I was thinking; "I don't want to be too hard on myself," but eating those foods is the only thing I'm doing that is hard on me! Where temptation never occurred, it now rears it's head at me, as happened last week when I was feeling a bit down, and went and ate a burrito! When a craving surfaces, it means something else in my situation. It isn't the food I want, but it is something I am trying to cover up with the food! This is an amazing glimpse into my emotions and patterns of my mind!
Any fall is an opportunity for growth and discovery. It is great to step back and be able to laugh at possibly frustrating things. I can't do it all the time, but whenever I feel that resistance and self-pity well up in me, I just feel how that feels, that tug, that strain, and just drop it. It's so easy, but so easy to forget! So, I write this now to remember!

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