Thursday, August 25, 2011

B vitamins!!!

There is always talk about the importance of B vitamins, and it's always related to brain health. In my past, the only supplements I have ever taken that I felt noticeable positive change from were a B complex vitamin and B-12 powdered energy packets. There was immediate energy and surging of feel-good-ness in my attitude and emotions and I was flying around at full blast for hours, with no crash. This has led me to believe that I am either lacking in B vitamins, or at the very least, they are an important vitamin that my body needs. It seems partaining to vegans, the B vitamins are stressed often, as B-12 is maybe the only thing that is abundant in animal but not plant foods, and that is important for your mental, emotional and physical health.

I'm not good at fancy talk, but I can talk about pesonal experience, and let me tell you about today's!!!
I started the morning with a B-12 energy packet, then a couple hours later, 6 oz or so of freshly cut wheatgrass juice, and later in the day ate some sauerkraut made by a customer and given to me. This sauerkraut tastes exactly like the Zing Salad that is sold at the Health Hutt, and it is delicious with avocado in it. But this kraut was made with ONLY cabbage and rejuvelac and sat for 3 days. It is so good, and chock full of b-vitamins, as rejuvelac is often, and was in this case, made from sprouted wheat berries, and contains tons of b-vits. Look it up!

So how does all this b-vitamin feasting make me feel?
I had an instant headache, a bit of nauseau, and weak feeling during the first hour or so, but then I felt a transformation into a carefree, drunken, high type feeling, and in phase 3, I was in full blown over-the-top blasting-with-energy superhero land!!! And am still there!

Up the B-vitamins! Get some wheatberries, soak them, sprout them, and grow some wheatgrass and juice it or throw it in a smoothie. Or blend it with a tad bit of water, just to get it liquified and strain it thru cheesecloth or a nutbag, like I did today, and drink the juice. Chase it with an orange or lemon slice if you want.

Worship the wheatgrass!!!

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