Monday, January 16, 2012

7 day juice fast recharge

Feeling extremely anxious and overloaded recently, and eating lots of krappy food that leaves me feeling... krappy, it seemed like a good idea to embark on a magical 7 day juice fast. Today is the 3rd day, and i am at a hump of low energy and heaviness, and i am hoping it will clear up after this. I feel extremely calm, and very attentive to details. As i cut, chop, and peel the beets, cucumbers, kale, collards, celery, lemons, ginger, apples, and oranges, i find myself going very slowly, becuz i dont have the energy to go much faster, and becuz i am kind of immersed in the colors, textures, details, and beauty of all this life giving plant life in front of my face. I have also been preparing all the veggies and fruits and gathering them in a clump before they go into the juicer. This is helpful becuz it pumps me up when i see that all of that goodness is going into me, and it also straight up looks gorgeous! My housemate said, "It looks like an art project!"
It is pretty common for folks to write about their fasting, juice fasting/feasting, raw food challenges on the internet thru blogs or posting videos, and i personally find little information of use from these accounts. I find that in general much of the youtube phenomenon can be egoic bragging or boring rambling, and a lot of time wasted getting to the actual points. For this reason, i tend to prefer reading what folks have wrote, so i can skip around the mundane stuff.
So thinking of writing this, and starting this blog in general were ideas i doubted and wondered if they were worth my time. The simple answer is; yes. It feels odd to flood the internet with another account of my fasting experience, but when i am honest about why i am doing this, it's ok. Cuz, first of all, i love to write, that's why, and this is enjoyable as i do it and kind of reaffirming in some way, in the sense that i can get lost in my thoughts, but as i type things out they are sort of being positively reinforced in my head. Not always the case as sometimes i go back and disagree and hate what i wrote, but in general, i get clarity from writing. The second reason i am cool with writing this stuff is cuz i know how much i like reading other people's stories, and when they are honest and up-front and not trying to make enemies or friends, but doing their own thing, it is refreshing and inspiring to me. Being honest with myself and knowing i am coming from a place of genuineness, i keep writing and feel good about it! I just want to document my experience, and really if this wasnt read by anyone that'd be fine, though, obviously by me posting this, i am not opposed to sharing this with others. And if someone can get something out of what i'm writing, that's great, and i'm stoked!
So, I don't feel hungry, actually as i drank my juice this "morning" (11:30am) I felt like almost didnt have room for it in my tummy. I've drank 2 or 3 juices, about 16-20oz worth each day. I think that i made my favorite juice ever yesterday and then again today; 1/2 bunch of lacinato kale, 1 lemon, 3 apples, 1 beet, 1 cucumber, 1 inch of ginger. Damn! Sooooo good! I have almost no energy; walking Suzanna this morning was about 25 minutes long, and difficult. I went to the YMCA yesterday but only had strength to bike there, sit in the sauna, stretch, and bike back.
I also have been sleeping a ton! I think i slept 10 hours last night, and 11 the night before! Its really hard to get up and get going, becuz my muscles are so weak.
I have also dealt with temptation by just reminding myself that i have promised to do this for a week, and that i have never done it and i want to see what a week is like. The longest i have gone is 4 days, i think, and i am committed to 7 days, becuz i'm curious to see what happens to my body and mind in that time. Basically, i'm curious, and i tell myself, you have so much time to eat so much food, one week is not a big deal, especially if it could change my eating habits and what i would start desiring would change, which i am expecting to happen. I plan to start eating very lightly coming off this, and gradually getting heavier and fattier. But hopefully this will kind of restart things and kind of ground me into the kind of eating habits that i know make me feel best.
OK this was really long! Juice feast 2012!!! Hell yeah drink tons of juice!

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